Episode 251: And The Flourishing Experiment is Off and Running

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Today is the day: Welcome to the first episode of The Flourishing Experiment! As disciplined athletes, we’re often looking for information on getting an edge and leading a full, rich life. Fortunately, this episode delivers on that message.

My long-time fitness mentors and friends Johnny and Sara Gillespie are here to share their top three health practices when it comes to longevity. Johnny and Sara are human potential coaches who educate people on movement, mindset, and nutrition.

We discuss:

  • A moment in time when they were each at their best

  • The importance of your feet (not a lot of people are talking about this!)

  • “Old Man Shuffling”

  • Cardio recommendations that may surprise you

  • Heart rate training

I also discuss a recent experiment I did: taking two off-the-beaten-path bike tours in Barcelona and Paris as well as a running tour in Barcelona. I booked all three tours through Airbnb Experiences. I tried running with Go Running Tours (which friend-of-the-podcast Serena Marie RD highly recommended on episode 250!), but the Go Running Tour was at a pace and distance that was too much for my current running condition.

Links Discussed

Movements from Johnny Gillespie’s TedX Talk

Barcelona Off The Beaten Path Architecture Ride with Airbnb experiences

Barcelona Running and Culture Trip with Airbnb experiences

Bike Paris Charming Nooks & Crannies with Airbnb experiences

Tweet me your biggest takeaways from the episode at @KariGormley--I’d love to hear from you!


Sara Gillespie:
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Facebook: /sara.gillespie.980
Twitter: @EmpoweredYoga

Johnny Gillespie:
Website: BalancedAthlete.com
Instagram: balanced_athlete, johnny_gillespie1
Facebook: /BalancedAthlete, /johnnygillespie3

Kari Gormley:
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