Episode 253: Aligning Your Fitness Goals

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Longtime listener of The Flourishing Experiment (formerly The Running Lifestyle Show), Paul Meyer is here to get the podcast’s first-ever on-air coaching session. Paul graciously opened himself up (he’s an obliger) in hopes of helping someone else while he gets coached.  

We also discuss:

●      His ultrarunning career

●      Going back to school in his fifties

●      Being in conflict with distance and times he used to run

●      Becoming aware that he’s “in alignment”

●      Realigning goals to match values and priorities

●      Willpower vs. when your body works best

●      Viewing small changes as an experiment

●      His goals, including running, studying and walking his dogs with his wife

●      His results after one month of flourishing coaching

I also discuss how “time blocking” is working for me when it comes to getting my best work done.

Links Discussed

Badwater Cape Fear Run

Start Finishing: How to Go from Idea to Done by Charlie Gilkey

Episode 252 with Charlie Gilkey

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