Episode 254: Take The Express Lane to a Better Mood: Make a Gratitude Visit

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Research shows that one of the fastest ways to feel better is to focus on gratitude, through tools such as a gratitude journal or gratitude jar. How about writing a letter of gratitude to someone who has helped you...then read it to them in person? In this episode, you’ll hear how to write the letter and take action toward a better mood.


I’ll discuss:


●      “Gratitude visits” and their positive effect on participants’ happiness

●      How to write a gratitude letter and why you should ideally read it in person

●      A “Plan B+” if you can’t read it in person

●      How often to do this experiment for lasting results

●      My experiment writing this letter and hopefully reading it in person to one of my favorite Peloton teachers, Cody Rigsby

●      There are just 89 days left in 2019—here’s how to finish strong!


Links Discussed

Research Behind Gratitude Letters

Cody Rigsby from Peloton

Episode 252 with Charlie Gilkey

Coaching with Kari

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