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As a former Weight Watchers spokesperson and facilitator, I’m passionate about creating group conversations and workshops where attendees can share and learn from one another. Let me serve as a connector on your journey to flourishing, providing you with both the spaces and tools to thrive as well as a community to grow alongside.

Kari has a talent for creating community and generating enthusiasm for positive change. Her laugh and exuberance are infectious. She is knowledgeable and continues to add to her knowledge and skills.
— Valerie Feeley, MEd, MSS, LCSW

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Flourishing Skills Group®

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Flourishing isn’t a skill taught in school, but there are evidence-based, scientifically informed tools that can help you feel happier and more joyful more often.

Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human wellbeing, has produced evidence-based tools to help individuals and communities thrive. In a Flourishing Skills Group®, you’ll learn how to build a reservoir of positive emotions and practice stress-reduction and resilience skills all while learning from how others think and thrive.

I initially undertook coaching with Kari in order to achieve a more balanced lifestyle. I was also intrigued by the concept of flourishing and joined the Flourishing Skills Group® wanting to learn, practice, and incorporate a range of skills from Positive Psychology into my everyday life. I created a group with friends in my hometown to support each other in achieving new goals and further growth. I can’t recommend Kari enough!
— Alice Jovy, University Lecturer
The Flourishing Skills Group® was an opportunity to come together in a group format to learn how to enjoy life more, be a better friend to myself and others, and how to be present in everyday life. Because of FSG, I have less anxiety, I’m not worrying as much about what happened yesterday, and I look at things from a different approach. I am diligent now about protecting my personal time.
— Tracy Slayton, Social Worker

Flourishing Skills Group® meetings can take place in-person or online via video conferencing.
Interested? You can find more information on our next Flourishing Skills Group® here or fill out the form below.

 Join a Mastermind

A Mastermind is a curated group of like-minded individuals that helps you achieve your goals faster. A Mastermind is an opportunity to both learn from and help others like you, while receiving additional guidance from a trained leader. If you’ve struggled with staying accountable to your goals in the past, a Mastermind is a great fit for you!

Kari has a natural knack for connecting people. She is warm, supportive, positive and is a great leader. Kari and my fellow participants in this group have helped guide me and support me through major changes and pivots in my business.

The mindset, the atmosphere and the support that you get from the Mastermind is invaluable. I love Kari’s sense of humor, her ability to relate to people and of course she is great at what she does.

Kari and the group have encouraged me, helped me with major mindset issues, brainstormed with me and held me accountable (gently!). I highly recommend!
— Anna Seewald, MEd, MPsy, Founder of Authentic Parenting®
Kari is a master connector. In our Mastermind, she was a wonderful facilitator who excelled in everything from gathering the right people to planning and managing participation. Everyone in our group benefited from the structure and focus Kari brought to the group.
— Beth Brodovsky, President, Iris Creative
Kari Gormley believes that nothing is impossible, and if you spend enough time with her, you start to believe it, too. And then you act on it and everything changes: life, health, business, attitudes, relationships. As the leader of a podcasters’ Mastermind of which I was a part, she kept us on track and on-topic, and threw out some of the most amazing ideas—the kind of thing my negative self-talk would be ready to jump all over until it hit me: ‘My goodness, this is brilliant!’ And her sense of the individuals who would make a great group was uncanny. No two of us had podcasts in the same category but we all hit it off and, even more remarkably, were able to help one another in valid and concrete ways.
— Victoria Moran, Chief Compassion Officer, Main Street Vegan Academy


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It feels like I’m doing the same things over and over again.”

“Isn’t there a better way?”

“I just need to get some motivation!”

If these sound familiar, attending a Workshop could be the right fit for you!

Workshops provide an energizing environment to help individuals and teams better understand themselves and others, connect and learn, and practice skills to reduce stress and build resilience.

I have had the opportunity to observe and experience Kari’s gifts and strengths while she facilitated group discussions as well as being a keynote at camp [Camp Good Life Project]. Her ability to connect to others and make them feel supported and safe is amazing. Her bright and bubbly personality draws people to her naturally. She creates a fun, safe space. She is able to bring forth a wealth of relevant knowledge from her extensive training background in Positive Psychology. Kari is able to shift someone’s perspective about a problem by finding a solution or a different approach.
— Jennie Bolas, Manager of Marketing Operations, Omnicell
I was impressed by how Kari got people speaking so quickly and how they were feeling better just by talking about their favorite vacation spots. Her energy is contagious and she’s extremely well-read. After spending time with Kari, I feel more empowered and energized.
— Vinod Kripalu, MD, Lead Physician at Trinity Medical
I really enjoyed attending the 5 Strategies to Maintain a Positive Mindset Based on Science Workshop. The workshop was fun, full of laughter, was participatory, and gave me an opportunity to meet people I normally wouldn’t have met. Since attending the workshop I’ve started asking patients, ‘What’s Good?’ It has been so gratifying to watch people think and share a positive experience in their lives.
— Karlee Stritzinger, Medical Assistant, Trinity Medical
Attending the 5 Strategies to Maintain a Positive Mindset Based on Science Workshop with Kari was a chance to sit down and learn with health-focused individuals. I found the workshop to be very beneficial, and it helped me to focus on strategies to apply positive thinking when faced with difficult or negative situations. I left with a better mindset and a renewed attitude on how to look at the bright side and work through negative situations. I highly recommend participating in the workshop!
— Tara Mercante, Financial Marketing Professional