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Nearly 70 percent of all U.S. employees are disengaged at work, costing workplaces through higher rates of absenteeism, greater turnover, lack of productivity, and less profitability overall.

Research shows that positive emotions help us to be more effective. How can we bring that positivity and efficacy into our workplaces?

In numbers, there is strength. I’m passionate about facilitating group conversations and workshops and can bring my expertise to your organization. As a former Weight Watchers spokesperson and facilitator, I’ve gained experience convening meetings at corporations, government agencies, associations, law firms, schools, public centers, and more. Through my podcast, The Running Lifestyle Show (TRLS), I’ve worked with a number of brands and charities to effect change on a larger scale.

Positive Psychology, the scientific study of human wellbeing, has produced evidence-based tools to help individuals and communities thrive. Drawing on my previous experiences, I’m working to bring Positive Psychology to organizations big and small.


 Customized Training Programs

I create custom workshops ranging from two hours in length to full-day events that help businesses, schools, and nonprofits discover their strengths and put them to use for greater resilience, communication, and meaningful productivity. Let me help you celebrate what’s good in your life and create micro-changes that lead to positive outcomes.

As a senior leader in my organization, I was looking for an opportunity for my team members to develop a better understanding of themselves and others in order to enhance their leadership skills and improve team performance. Kari’s expertise in Applied Positive Psychology, her energy, and her facilitation skills created a learning environment that surprised and inspired us all. It was a joy to see how quickly and openly my teammates shared positive aspects of themselves and their colleagues. We benefited enormously from her engaging workshop and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
— Rene' Kougel, MBA RN, Chief Operating Officer at Indiana Health Centers, Inc.


Projects - Kari Gormley

Looking to infuse some energy into your team or get more eyes on your brand? Want to explore how the power of Positive Psychology can help your workplace? Let’s hop on a call to see what impact we can create together. I’ve worked with brands including GORE, ElliptiGo, OESH Shows, OOfos, BANDIwear, ArmPocket, and more—and I’d love to work with yours next!  

Kari’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her energy indefatigable. There are few people as passionate and dedicated as Kari. Best of all, she drives results and has made a difference in many people’s lives, including mine.
— Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner, speaker, and best-selling author


Can’t decide between a Customized Training Program or partnering on a Project? Interested in applying elements of Positive Psychology to your workplace but unsure where to begin or what you’re looking for?

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