Your Flourishing Coach

What does it mean to flourish?

Flourishing isn’t static, but it does mean that things are going generally well in your life: You don’t dread waking up in the morning. You look forward to the day ahead and you’re having fun, all while making progress on what really matters to you.

Flourishing coaching uses the science of living of a good life to identify how you spend your time and energy. Together, we’ll explore what gives you energy and create an intentional action plan to harness that energy, using it to achieve your personal goals.

Working with Kari has been a true pleasure. Her positive energy and genuine interest in my life and [my] progress made our coaching sessions feel like a conversation with a trusted friend rather than work. She helped me identify my strengths and challenged me to take stock of my goals across many areas of my personal and professional life. That process helped me give some valued relationships the attention they deserve and gave me tools to better manage my energy and balance my priorities going forward.
— Jeff Webb, Private Wealth Advisor, Bessemer Trust
Coaching gave me the opportunity to check in with myself on a regular basis. I was able to sort through my thoughts and see situations from another point of view. Working with Kari came at the right time for me to think about long term goals while working on small habit changes. This has helped me in my professional, personal and spiritual relationships. I really appreciated working with someone I could relate to, be accountable to, and someone who is dedicated to her craft.
— Megan BucellI, Regional Vice President, ARBONNE