Manage your mindset, enhance your energy, and create better relationships.

Kari’s enthusiasm is contagious, and her energy indefatigable. There are few people as passionate and dedicated as Kari. Best of all, she drives results and has made a difference in many people’s lives, including mine.
— Dean Karnazes, ultramarathon runner, speaker, and best-selling author
As a senior leader in my organization, I was looking for an opportunity for my team members to develop a better understanding of themselves and others in order to enhance their leadership skills and improve team performance. Kari’s expertise in Applied Positive Psychology, her energy, and her facilitation skills created a learning environment that surprised and inspired us all. It was a joy to see how quickly and openly my teammates shared positive aspects of themselves and their colleagues. We benefited enormously from her engaging workshop and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
— Rene' Kougel, MBA RN, Chief Operating Officer at Indiana Health Centers, Inc.



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These are some of the things I hear from my clients

“I feel so overwhelmed, I don’t know where to start”

“Isn’t life supposed to be fun?”

“I want my team and me to flourish”

From the start of a coaching engagement we uncover your strengths. We also look at how you’re really spending YOUR time. Then we dive in to see what small shifts can be made to create big results. Sometimes those shifts are positive psychology interventions.

Coaching gave me the opportunity to check in with myself on a regular basis. I was able to sort through my thoughts and see situations from another point of view. Working with Kari came at the right time for me to think about long term goals while working on small habit changes. This has helped me in my professional, personal and spiritual relationships. I really appreciated working with someone I could relate to, be accountable to, and someone who is dedicated to her craft.
— Megan Bucelli, Regional Vice President, Arbonne

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Kari is a master connector. In our Mastermind, she was a wonderful facilitator who excelled in everything from gathering the right people to planning and managing participation. Everyone in our group benefited from the structure and focus Kari brought to the group.
— Beth Brodovsky, President, Iris Creative